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Secretary of Health says Phase 3 for Mexico only days away

Mexico City, Mexico — Currently, Mexico is still in Phase 2 of the Covid-19 epidemic, however, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, the undersecretary of health says that Phase 3 is likely to start in a few days.

Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Subsecretario de Prevención y Promoción de la Salud says Mexico is only days away from entering Phase 3 of the coronavirus emergency, stating that when that phase is reached, the country will experience a sharp increase in daily cases, likely overloading the health system.

Lopez-Gatell reiterated that Phase 3 of the coronavirus is inevitable, however, a slower transmission can be achieved if the healthy distance measures are maintained among citizens and they protect themselves at home.

“In any case, Phase 3 is inevitable. The epidemic will not stop. We have said it very clearly, it will not stop, it is impossible to suddenly stop an epidemic with a transmissible virus such as the SARS CoV-2. What can be done is to slow the transmission,” explained the undersecretary.

Phase 3 will result in an exponential increase in daily cases due to the interconnection of infected people with many patients requiring hospitalization. He noted that the upward trend will not be reduced until after the first half of May, with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) indicating that the highest number of infections will likely be registered between May 6 and 13.

UNAM reports that during these dates, the worst moments of the health crisis will be reached due to the large number of virus outbreaks around the country. Currently, Mexico has recorded more than 5,800 positive cases and 449 coronavirus-related deaths.

The undersecretary says that according to analysis from the group of experts that lead Mexico’s COVID-19 strategy, the pandemic could end June 25, with cases in Mexico experiencing a decrease of about 95 percent.