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Russian couple stranded in Puerto Aventuras give birth to baby girl

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — A Russian couple who have been stranded in Puerto Aventuras due to the Ukraine war, have given birth. The couple are Russian tourists who became stranded after their flight home was canceled more than a month ago.

Since then, they have been staying in the Migrant Shelter of Puerto Aventuras. Earlier this week, the couple traveled to Merida where the woman gave birth. Playa del Carmen mayor, Lili Campos, met the couple at the recently renovated Migrant Shelter where she welcomed the newborn.

Leticia Chaverri, director of Migrant Services at Solidaridad City Hall said the shelter is there to support migrants. “The baby is Mexican and she can have two nationalities according to our laws, so if they decide to settle here, because they have the right to do so, we will help them with immigration procedures,” she explained.

The Temporary Shelter for Migrants was undergoing minor renovations when the couple traveled to Merida. The shelter has the capacity to accommodate 30 people. At the moment, there are 10 Russian nationals staying at the shelter along with four Hondurans, three Cubans and one Guatemalan.

Two of the shelter’s guests are minors and now, one newborn.

People at the shelter are allowed to stay one month or more, depending on their needs, which sometimes includes help due to a lack of documents, while others are there due to armed conflicts.