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Robber sentenced to 18 years for Cancun store jewelry heist

Cancun, Q.R. — A man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for a Cancun jewelry store heist. The man, Cástulo “N”, along with a woman and two minors, participated in the 2021 robbery.

Information provided by the State Attorney General says the group robbed the Cancun jewelry store on Kabah Avenue May 3, 2021. They tied up staff, broke the glass showcases and made off with the jewelry.

“The man now sentenced is Cástulo “N”, who on May 3, 2021, together with a woman and two minors, entered a store located on Kabah Avenue in SM 248 where they subdued the staff to later break showcases and steal items of jewelry, keeping them in the backpacks they carried,” the FGE reported.

Before leaving the store, the man fired a weapon but did not penetrate the armored glass. “It is at that moment that the woman, identified as Rosa Beatriz “N”, yells at Cástulo “N” and the two minors that the police were already coming,” the FGE reported, adding that is when they ran out of the store.

Cástulo “N” was arrested on May 16, 2021, and remanded in custody. He has been handed an 18 year prison sentence and a fine of 13,443 pesos. The FGE did not provide information on the woman involved in the heist.