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Residents in three Zacatecas municipalities told to stay in and not use roads due to criminal gang violence

Zacatecas, Mexico — Mayors from three municipalities in the state of Zacatecas have asked residents not to use the roads. Municipal authorities made the public requests after another weekend of violence near its capital city.

Due to the continued violence, Zacatecas state authorities recommended only going out if it was necessary. The call was made after the roads were taken over by armed civilians at dawn Saturday.

Eleuterio Ramos Leal, Mayor of Valparaíso, recommended that residents of his municipality “stay in their homes, go out only when very necessary and avoid traveling on highways.” He said that in their town, “violent scenes at various points with clashes between armed civilian groups,” had been reported.

Alan Murillo Murillo, the Mayor of Sombrerete, also announced the same warning for his municipality, urging residents to stay home and not travel to the state’s capital city, “…and if you do, take extreme precautions,” he warned.

Also through a statement, the City Council of Jerez told residents to avoid traveling to the affected municipalities since government officials were implementing security measures.

“So far, the tours initiated by the different corporations have not located blockades or any checkpoint of armed civilians within Jerez territory. Sedena, the National Guard and the State Police are carrying out patrols to prevent these blockades from spreading to Jerez,” they reported.

However, police attended to at least five cars that were burned along highways by criminal groups.