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Reopening of Belize-Mexico land border recorded higher figures than expected

Chetumal, Q.R. — More than 400 Belize nationals crossed the border into Quintana Roo territory on the first day of reopening. Local authorities reported the entry of just over 400 people from Belize into the state with approximately half of them returning.

The Honorary Consul of Belize in Quintana Roo, Luis Gilberto Montero Maldonado, says those numbers are likely to increase on weekends now that the land border between Belize and Mexico has finally reopened.

A majority of Belize nationals crossing into Mexico head to Chetumal, he said.

He said after the reopening of the border, both maritime and land transport companies are busily involved with the reactivation of services, for which they will have to carry out pertinent procedures before Belize and Mexican authorities.

Montero Maldonado explained that the opening of the border also means maritime crossings are reactivated, but noted that the two companies that provide the service will have to make arrangements with the Belizean government.

He said sanitary protocols would have to be carried out at the Chetumal maritime terminal with the Mexican authorities including Migration and Comprehensive Port Administration of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo).

Buses returning to Belize from the Mexico side are also subject to the relevant procedures in Belize, the same as when entering Mexico.

Montero Maldonado also pointed out that the reopening of the border resulted in a much higher influx of people than expected, noting that only around 200 of the 400 Belize nationals who crossed into Mexico returned.

He guessed that they may have stayed for medical services or travel purposes.