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Quintana Roo Cyber Police Unit reports 393 attacks in last quarter

Cancun, Q.R. — Cyber fraud continues to prevail in the state with nearly 400 reports during the last quarter of the year. Armando Magaña Vázquez, in charge of the Cyber Police Unit for Quintana Roo, says there were 393 reports of cyber fraud during the last quarter of 2021.

He explained that the online crimes have been divided into three categories that include the Nigerian scam, electronic commerce and financial scams. He says for these reasons, the unit is working on an awareness campaign called “Digital Anti-Fraud Generation”, which takes up all these cyber fraud issues.

He added that they are currently facing a problem with applications posing as microfinance institutions. He says there are about 78 apps in circulation that belong to this network who extort money and commit other forms of financial fraud.

“We are serving it through the campaign, encouraging citizens to not download them,” he said adding that “they also carry out cyber bullying, because they not only attack the person who contracted the loan, but also their contacts.”

He explained once the user installs the application on their device, they are giving them permission to access their contact list and multimedia resources.