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Quintana Roo Congress votes in favor of reform to end animal exploitation

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Quintana Roo Congress has voted in favor of a reform to end animal exploitation. The vote was made Tuesday that will see the dignified treatment of horses on the island of Cozumel.

The new reform will also put an end to shows and activities such as bullfights that involve heifers, steers and calves.

In order to put an end to animal exploitation in activities related to the use of horses to provide rides to tourists who visit our state, the XVII State Legislature determined to prohibit the use and transit of animals in animal-drawn vehicles, Congreso del Estado de Quintana Roo reported.

State Congress voted on the reform change Tuesday.

In ordinary session number 5, deputies approved reforms to the State Animal Protection and Welfare Law, which establishes the prohibition of the transit of animals on cobbled or paved roads, for purposes other than those related to agricultural activities.

The modification is in accordance with the recent constitutional reform through which animals are recognized as sentient beings, subjects of moral consideration, for which they must receive dignified treatment.

With the reform, it is also prohibited to celebrate, organize, sponsor or promote exhibitions, shows or activities similar or comparable to bullfights, heifers, steers, calves for any purpose, whether for profit or not, as well as the breeding, training, marketing, purchase or possession of animals for use in this type of shows.

The reform to protect Cozumel horses has been ongoing since 2019 when in July of that year, Cozumel proposed replacing horses with electric carriage. In September 2022, after years of discussion, Cozumel presented its first electric carriage to replace the horse drawn version.

Electric carriage have been introduced to replace horses for tourist entertainment.

However, those laws were not enforced and horses were still seen on Cozumel streets for tourist use. In May 2023, Cozumel police finally enforced animal laws and rounded up horse-drawn carriages from island streets.