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After years of discussion Cozumel presents its first electric carriage to replace horse drawn version

Cozumel, Q.R. — Since the municipality banned horse drawn carriages three years ago, tourism providers have stopped offering the service. However on Friday the first, of what could be several, electric carriage was made available for island tourists.

The baby blue electric carriage, with attached shade and room for three, was presented Friday morning. Cozumel City Hall were on hand for the inauguration and the first carriage tour without horses.

The first official tourists were three women who enjoyed a tour of the city in the island’s new fashion. The three women were driven by businessman José Julio Azcurra who reported the cost of the carriage to be around 500,000 peso.

“Three years ago, a new Animal Protection Law came out in the state of Quintana Roo where we had a ban on the use of ponies. We took it as a situation for real, positive change,” he said.

The island of Cozumel is taking a step toward modernizing their services, eliminating the use of animals and replacing them with electric carriages after overheated horses were seen fainting in the streets.

The idea to use electric carriages was first announced in July of 2019 when businesses in Cozumel made a proposal to replace the horse and carriage with old-tyme motorized cars.

Azcurra says his carriage runs off a lithium battery that lasts for 100 kilometers and travels at a speed of 13 kilometers per hour, similar to that of horses.

He was one of the previous tourist service providers with 10 horse drawn carriages until the new law came in. He says now, he just keeps his horses working on his ranch.

In November of 2019, under the Animal Protection and Welfare Law, the state of Quintana Roo banned the use of horse drawn carriages for tourist purposes. In May of 2020, the City of Cozumel also prohibited the circulation of horse drawn carriage vehicles.

Azcurra did not say if he intends to add to his one-carriage fleet.