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Puerto Aventuras to get 10 water extraction wells

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — A continual water shortage that has been an issue for years for the townspeople of Puerto Aventuras may be solved soon with the installation of water wells.

The state and functioning of the collection and pumping facilities of the Comisión de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (CAPA) has left many in the town short of water. Solidaridad city council however, is considering the addition of 10 extraction water wells for the area to help combat water shortages.

Deyanira Martínez, directora de Desarrollo Social en Solidaridad explained that “Between the connection of CAPA and Aguakan, there is a lack of maintenance including electricity because the posts are too old.

“To get in front of the problem, municipal president Laura Beristain has suggested starting procedures to create 10 wells so that water can be extracted, obviously with all the measures and precautions that are required.

“We are creating agreements with the pertinent instances at the federal level and, when approved, will have the wells located in strategic points on municipal lands.”

Martínez also says that “Any human being would be upset because apart from the problem of the water shortage, people pay a monthly fee whether there is water from Aguakán or not. I had a meeting with several neighbors of the colony and they expressed this situation to me.

“It would bother anyone to have to fully pay for a service that is not meeting their needs. It is a monthly fee of 180 peso,” he said.

The problem of water shortages has been ongoing for Puerto Aventuras for many years with a demonstration in June of 2016 that left a highway blocked, cars burned and many arrested.

Martínez said the construction of these water wells will take place as soon as the corresponding permits are ready.