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Private submission made for new development at Xul-Ha

Xul-Ha, Q.R. — An environmental impact statement has been submitted for the construction of a small tourist development at Laguna Xul-Ha. The private submission was made earlier this month.

According to information from the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA), if approved, the Rancho Santa Fe project would be allowed to build two cabins with a pool, laguna dock and other small structures.

“The project will be carried out in a part of the federal zone, an excess zone and a part of the Xul-Ha Lagoon that is connected to the Bacalar Lagoon, adjacent to the property located on the Chetumal-Bacalar Federal Highway in the block, 69 Lot 1”, details the Environmental Impact Statement.

The land consists of an area of just over 208,000 square meters. The project is estimated to cost around half a million peso. Laguna Xul-Ha is in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco.