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Police search Cancun home believed scene of dismembered bodies

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun police searched a home in the Aloja de Cancun subdivision of the city Friday in search of evidence. Police conducted the search after the Tuesday arrest of four men lead them to the address.

The home is believed to have been where the body of two men found Monday were dismembered. On Monday, police were sent to the same area in response to the discovery of two dismembered bodies. The bodies were located at the entrance to the residential subdivision.

The Tuesday arrest of four men identified as Alejandro N, Héctor N, José Enrique N and José Manuel N, lead them to the home address. Cancun authorities are also looking into their possible involvement in the dismemberment of another body found three weeks ago.

That discovery was made by a passerby near the La Amistad neighborhood of Cancun.