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Playa del Carmen fire department recipients of United States Navy donation

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Playa del Carmen firemen were the recipients of fire gear provided by the United States Navy. The much-needed gear was donated Wednesday by the United States Navy and the Secretary of the Navy.

Solidaridad became the first municipality in the country to be a beneficiary of the “Minimum Cost” program carried out by the United States government through the United States Navy, reported the General Secretary of the City Council, Cecilio Puc Sansores.

He explained that it is a minimum cost program because they managed to acquire equipment and tools at low cost thanks to the donation system, which multiplies support with less resources.

During the reception of the donation, Cecilio Puc Sansores represented Mayor Campos. He said the firemen have been equipped with air conditioners in their offices and paint for the fire station as well as useful tools.

The fire department receives the donation Wednesday at the Playa del Carmen fire hall.
Photo: Sría de Protección Civil, Prevención de Riesgos y Bomberos de Solidaridad August 30, 2023.

Fire Director Alejandro Contreras said the tools are for all citizens especially during the current hurricane season due to falling trees. It will be essential support for the daily work of operations.”

The Ministry of Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Solidarity Firefighters also commented on the program. “The H. Fire Department received donated equipment from the United States Navy and the Secretary of the Navy, Solidaridad being the first municipality in the country to benefit from the “Minimum Cost” program of the United States government.”