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Pemex platform explosion leaves two dead and one missing

Cantarell, Campeche — A massive fire on a Pemex platform in Campeche has left at least two dead. The fire broke out Friday morning on the Nohoch-A platform in Cantarell, Campeche.

Immediately after the explosion, several people were reported injured and at least three were said to be missing. Friday afternoon, Octavio Romero Oropeza, the General Director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), provided an updated. He reported the death of two workers. He also said one person from the platform remains missing.

“At Pemex the priority is safety. From the fire this morning on the Nohoch_A platform, the preliminary results unfortunately two people died and one person is missing from the company that was working on the facility.”

He clarified that the missing person is not a Pemex employee, but someone working on the platform from another company.

Four boats were sent to the Nohoch-A platform to control the fire. A total of 328 people were on the platform at the time of the explosion, of which 321 were reported evacuated by boat. Pemex has not commented on a cause for the company’s latest incident.