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Pair found armed inside Cozumel warehouse booked on carrying charges

Cozumel, Q.R. — A man and woman have been taken into police custody in San Miguel Cozumel after reports of gunfire. Island officers responded to the 911 call from a warehouse on 65th Avenue.

Three people from outside the warehouse told police they witnessed a man shoot his weapon before entering the building. Outside the warehouse, police found shell casings. They were also shown the vehicle in which the man, who claimed to own the building, arrived.

When police entered the building they located a man and a woman. They also “observed a black firearm and shell casings” and the man armed with a gun at his side. Cozumel police proceeded to arrest  52-year-old J.V.M. and the 51-year-old woman, C.F.S., on carrying firearm charges.