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Over 83 million announced in Chetumal city projects

Chetumal, Q.R. — More than 83 million pesos in city projects is being invested in the state capital city of Chetumal. The money is being used to improve public infrastructure of streets, parks and cultural spaces.

Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa detailed that part of the project including the paving of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto between Jesús Urueta and Ignacio Ramírez, with trimmings and sidewalks, the rehabilitation of the Onésimo Poot between Isaac Medina and Cornelio Lizárraga, Siglo XX between calle 9 and José Marrufo, Celul between Faisán and Rojo Gómez and Celul between Colibrí and Chachalaca.

Also, Roma between Millán and Andrés Quintana Roo will include the drilling of drainage wells and the paving of additional streets. In road repairs, the government has allocated 45.9 million pesos.

Chetumal’s public spaces will also be improved in several of the city’s residential areas for an investment of 32.8 million pesos.

Cultural spaces of Chetumal also made the project rehabilitation list. Two in particular are the Minerva Theater and the Art Corridor for just under 4.8 million pesos.

Work on the projects began in the early spring and will likely continue throughout the summer.