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Over 700 ejidos granted legal land titles in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — More than 700 Mayan families have been provided with legal property titles for their land. A majority of those granted the titles waited 12 years for the legal paperwork.

The Government of Quintana Roo spent around 5 million pesos to cover the expenses to deliver the 744 property deeds.

In an act of social justice, the government delivered 744 property titles to men and women from the communities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, beneficiaries of the federal program Regularization and Registration of Agrarian Legal Acts (RRAJA), which gives them patrimonial legal certainty, Governor Mara Lezama said.

She explained that the properties had been regularized since 2019, but due to lack of resources, they had not been registered in the Public Property Registry.

“Will and decision were lacking and we were the first government to do so. We invested just over 5 million pesos to cover 100 percent of the deed and registration costs with a subsidy,” explained Lezama.

Before the beneficiaries and local authorities who witnessed the delivery of titles, Lezama recalled that in June of last year, an agreement was signed with the Agrarian Attorney’s Office to give legal certainty of assets to more than 280 ejidos throughout the state and accredit land ownership to access the social programs of the transformation government.

A total of 744 men and women were provided with legal land titles. Photo: CGC February 24, 2024.

In just six months it was possible to register them and today, deliver these titles in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a municipality where a fifth of all the ejidos of Quintana Roo are located.

Lezama says the municipality is also where honey, dragon fruit, pineapple, habanero chili and other crops are produced in addition to the use of timber such as mahogany, cedar, ramón, ciricote and now the foray into ejidal tourism.

“With this and other actions, we provide patrimonial certainty to eliminate any obstacle that prevents the comprehensive economic development with Social Justice of the people of Quintana Roo,” she said.