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New Hotel Council of the Mexican Caribbean created to facilitate tourists and put order into vacation rentals

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Quintana Roo Governor, Mara Lezama, announces a new Mexican Caribbean Hotel Council. She says the Council has at teamwork agenda to facilitate the entry of tourists into the state with better immigration and customs services.

The agenda also includes security, collection and disposal of sargassum, the strengthening of tourism promotion and to put order into the vacation rental sector. Lezama made the announcement during the Tianguis Turístico México 2023.

“In the year that has just ended, we received more than 30 million passengers, 19.7 million tourists and four million cruise passengers. The Mexican Caribbean in Quintana Roo is growing in the face of adversity, so we work every day to get ahead,” she said.

During the presentation, the governor highlighted the importance of working together to promote the destination and bring the Mexican Caribbean to a successful conclusion, hand-in-hand with infrastructure projects that together with the Maya Train and the archaeological rescue, will allow the state to continue expanding the tourist offer, investments and the presence in the world.

The Governor ratified the commitment of her humanist and progressive government to maintain the momentum of sun and beach tourism, catapult alternative tourism, lay the foundations for archaeological and cultural tourism to reach the corners that protect the jewels of history, culture and traditions of the Mayan peoples.

For this reason, she celebrated the creation of the Hotel Council of the Mexican Caribbean.

Of the total number of associations, seven of them are part of this Council whose main objectives are to create a common tourist agenda, facilitate the entry of tourists to the state with a better immigration and customs service, security, collection and disposal of sargassum, strengthen tourism promotion and organize the vacation rental sector.

The Hotel Council of the Mexican Caribbean is made up of President, Toni Chaves, of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association, Vice President, David Ortiz of the Tulum Hotel Association, Secretary, Miriam Cortés, President of the Association of Vacation Clubs and Treasurer, Fernando Berinstain of the Cozumel Hotel Association

Its directors are Jesús Almaguer, President of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association, Ramón Roselló, President of the Costa Mujeres Association and Raúl Andrade, President of the Southern Quintana Roo Hotel Association.