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Navy seize plane carrying 358 kilos of cocaine

Pampa del Hueyate, Chiapas — Elements of the Secretary of the Navy have reported the seizure of a plane and its load of cocaine after it was discovered landed in Chiapas.

The small plane was intercepted on Sunday between Huixtla and Mazatán, the Ministry of the Navy announced, after entering Mexican territory from Guatemala. The Cessna was picked up by radar, which had elements of the Fourteenth Zone Naval de Puerto Madero mobilized on the ground with the support of a helicopter from the Mexican Navy.

The plane was forced to land on a clandestine runway located in Pampa del Hueyate, approximately 42 kilometers to the northwest of Puerto Chiapas. By the time personnel arrived, the plane had been abandoned. There were no arrests.

Elementos de la Secretaría de Marina (Semar) were successful in seizing the plane and its cargo which consisted of 358 kilos of cocaine, 14 drums of plane fuel and two motorcycles.