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Navy recues six on drifting vessel near Chetumal Bay

Chetumal, Q. R. — Six people were rescued over the weekend from a drifting vessel near the Bay of Chetumal after running out of gas. In a brief report, the Secretary of the Navy, acting as Coast Guard, rescued six people approximately 12 nautical miles (23.3 kilometers) east of Chetumal Bay.

Elements of the Seventeenth Naval Zone made the rescue after receiving a request for help at the Search and Rescue Station (ENSAR) of Chetumal. They began their search for a small boat named Estefania with six crew members on board.

According to the Navy report, Estefania had set sail from Calderitas destinated for an area near the Bay of Chetumal. However, along the way, they experienced engine failure which left them without propulsion due to a lack of fuel.

Boat Estefenia and her six crew were towed to a Chetumal dock. Photo: Secretary of the Navy October 27, 2023.

Due to the ongoing strong winds, the boat began to drift out to sea. “The Naval Command ordered the departure of a Defender type vessel with rescue swimmers on board belonging to the Maritime Search, Rescue and Surveillance Station (ENSAR) of Chetumal.”

At the time of locating the drifting vessel, naval personnel found the six crew members of Mexican nationality without incident. They were towed to a safe port at the ENSAR Chetumal Dock.