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More inspections and heftier fines for over capacity public transport units

Chetumal, Q.R. — Fines of 1,300 to 7,000 peso will be imposed on taxi drivers and public transport carriers who fail to comply with the maximum capacity allowances during the orange epidemiological light warned Juan Barrera Díaz, director of inspection of the Mobility Institute.

He said that in Chetumal, they have sanctioned six van operators for not respecting the allowed passenger capacity and one taxi driver for not wearing a face mask.

The fines are being applied directly to the owner of the license plate, therefore, it is necessary for the owners to verify that their drivers heed health protocols.

“There will be no tolerance in the application of sanctions, so prevention and surveillance operations will be carried out constantly,” he added.

Throughout the state, more than 120 fines have been administered against passenger van and taxi drivers. The announcement of tougher measures came after Governor Carlos Joaquín made an appeal to both transporters and the general population to maintain hygiene and prevention habits to avoid the spread of the disease.

His appeal came after it was revealed that a majority of the state’s infections were being spread from the overcrowding of public transportation units.