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Mexico to reinstate visa request for Brazilian nationals entering the country

Mexico City, Mexico — The government of Mexico will once again request a visa for Brazilians who want to enter the country as tourists. According to a document from the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), the reinstatement of the visa was implemented given the increase in trips by people who use the country to enter the United States illegally.

On Thursday, Segob published a draft agreement to suspend the 2000 agreement, which came into force in February 2004, whereby Mexico and Brazil eliminated the visa requirement between the two countries.

The measure would be added to the one issued in August, by which a visa was required for citizens of Ecuador.

“A substantial increase in Brazilian nationals entering the country under the Agreement for the Suppression of Visas with a purpose other than that permitted has been identified,” according to Segob.

“Part of this situation is reflected in the migratory filters with the identification of people whose profile does not fit that of the genuine visitor or tourist and present inconsistencies in their documentation or information, reinforcing the possibility that a significant number of people intend to use the cancellation of visa unduly,” they added.

Segob nor the Mexican Foreign Ministry specified when the measure would take effect. Reuters reported this week that Washington was asking Mexico to impose visas on Brazilians.