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Mexico City residents still required to wear mouth masks in open spaces

Mexico City, Mexico — Even though the entire country is operating in a green epidemiological light, folks in Mexico City are still required to wear mouth masks in open spaces.

While several Mexican states have eased the mouth-wearing recommendations, health officials in Mexico City say the cover is still required. Oliva López Arellano, Mexico City Secretary of Health says it will likely be April when the mandatory wearing of the mouth mask will be eased for open spaces.

She says it is the the Secretary of Health who determines the use of mouth masks. For now, the agency says the mandatory wearing of the mask remains in place, at least until after Easter (Semana Santa).

At a press conference, she stated that the Mexico City Health Council will evaluate recommendations of the federal Ministry of Health sometime in April.

“We are still waiting for the period to finish when severe acute respiratory disease is monitored, which runs from October to March. After that, sometime in April, we will evaluate the wearing of masks.”

On March 20, Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin announced that due to a continued decrease in infections, mouth masks in open spaces are no longer mandatory in the state.

Last week, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that Mexico was in its eighth consecutive week of a decline of covid-19 infections and hospital-related occupancy rates.