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Mexican Baseball League reaches 3-year broadcast agreement with ESPN

Mexico City, Mexico — The Mexican Baseball League has reached an agreement with ESPN to broadcast the 2021, 2022 and 2023 baseball seasons in Mexico.

“We are proud to have reached this agreement with ESPN through which the games of the Mexican Baseball League will be able to reach new markets,” said Horacio de la Vega, President of the LMB.

The head of the LMB (Liga Mexicana de Béisbol) highlighted the visibility that ESPN will give to the largest baseball league in Latin America, where hundreds of Mexican, American, Dominican, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, Panamanian, Colombian and many other nationalities provide a first-rate game.

Gerardo Casanova, Head of Sports for the Walt Disney Company in Mexico, said that they are proud to expand their relationship with the LMB and be part of this new stage of Mexican baseball.

The agreement covers Opening Day (May 20), playoff games and 150 regular season games that will be broadcast on the ESPN signal including 14 weekly games. The weekly games will consist of two on linear channels on Thursdays and Saturdays and 12 on digital via ESPN App during the regular role of the 2021 season.

In the final phase of the campaign, there will be full playoff series including a Zone Series, Championship and King’s Series.

“Our alliance with ESPN is a home run with a full house because today, it is essential to reach beyond the television. The way of consuming sports content has evolved and that is how we have understood it. We want to reach a large audience through the different platforms that ESPN offers us,” said de la Vega.