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López Obrador to sue lawyer of García Luna for moral damages

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that he will proceed legally against César de Castro, lawyer for Genaro García Luna.

“I am already gathering information. Yes I am going to file a lawsuit against García Luna’s lawyer. (…) I am going to do it because for political purposes and in a tendentious way, he wanted to involve me in the García Luna case and he is going to have to clarify that,” he said during his Friday morning press conference.

The lawsuit, he mentioned, will be filed based on what was declared by the lawyer in the García Luna trial, which was held in January in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York.

“We are looking into it, to see how we are going to do it, but based on what he maintained in the trial, he wanted to extract from one of the witnesses, Zambada, that I had received money for a campaign in which I faced Fox when we were never rival candidates. It was openly involving me, soiling me, slandering me,” he said.

The president reported that he will request reparation for non-material damage “because it is not Andrés Manuel or only Andrés Manuel, it is the president of Mexico and no one, let alone a foreigner, can question the integrity, the honesty of the president of Mexico.”

If the reparation for moral damage is monetary, he said, it will be donated to collateral victims of the war against drug trafficking that Felipe Calderón provoked.

“It will be for (…) the children of parents who lost their lives when there was this criminal association between the government and crime,” he said.

López Obrador reiterated that neither he nor his government establish relations of complicity with anyone and corruption is not allowed, so the lawyer must assume responsibility for what has been said.