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José María Morelos residents nervous with growing fire less than two kilometers away

José María Morelos, Q.R. — A forest fire just two kilometers away from the community of San Isidro Poniente is threatening to reach resident homes and the Bala’an K’aax Reserve.

Residents in the area are also concerned about a change in wind direction that could send those same flames their way. Neighbors in San Isidro Poniente say they are concerned about the proximity of a forest fire that has been burning for days.

The community has asked the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) and Civil Protection to intervene, since now, the flames can be seen from their doorstep.

The growing fire is less than two kilometers away from the populated area. It is also posing a risk of devouring the region’s Bala’an K’aax Reserve, a natural protected area by the federal government and an important tourist spot.