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Inspectors close business after social media photos show lines of people buying beer

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Municipal Directorate of Civil Protection sanctioned and suspended businesses on the island of Cozumel for not complying with restrictive measures during the current health contingency.

One of the suspended companies was that of a brewery Cervecería Artesanal Punta Sur, who were shut by municipal officials after social media complaints showed the business operating during the non-essential restriction period. Island residents posted photos of people lining up to buy cases of the craft beer. Gerardo Selva Romero, head of the Departamento de Verificación y Ordenamiento Comercial confirmed their suspenscion.

Recycling business Reciclamex was also shut after they were seen open, purchasing scrap metal from customers. City officials outfitted their front doors with a suspension stamp since they too, are deemed non-essential.

Both businesses were suspended by by inspectors from the Departamento de Verificación y Ordenamiento Comercial and personnel from Protección Civil Municipal. They will also be fined, however, inspectors did not reveal those amounts.

The Director of Civil Protection, Héctor Mac Marín, pointed out that pertinent reviews will be carried out daily throughout the municipality to keep establishments under surveillance and sanction those who do not comply with the mandate.

“It will work hand-in-hand with the Departamento de Verificación y Ordenamiento Comercial and with support of the state government throughout the municipality,” reported Mac Marín.