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Hundreds protest Chetumal electoral results ahead of official figures

Chetumal, Q.R. — Hundreds of political protesters took to the streets of Chetumal Tuesday demanding transparency after the Sunday elections. The group, protesting with signs and flags, alleged electoral fraud in the recent municipal elections.

The group were demanding justice from the Quintana Roo Electoral Institute after allegations of irregularities on their part.

Protesters shouted “democracy” and slogans about not buying votes and that they did win the election after preliminary information showed otherwise.

They also criticize the alleged reelection of Chetumal mayor Yensunni Martínez.

A discreet police presence was seen at the protest.

The INE of Quintana Roo (the Quintana Roo Electoral Institute) has not yet completed vote counting. Official figures have not been released, nor have the names of official winners in any of the state’s 11 municipalities.

Self-declared winners have based their counts off preliminary information. Figures and official winner names are expected to be released in the next day or two.