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Hundreds of doses of hard drugs off Playa del Carmen streets in three busts

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than 500 street doses of various narcotics have been removed from Playa del Carmen streets. In an overnight operation, Solidaridad police nabbed six people in three separate arrests.

Along with the arrests of six alleged drug dealers and 500 street doses of narcotics, police also seized a loaded firearm. The drugs seized during the arrests included doses of marijuana, powdered cocaine, crystal meth and crack cocaine.

According to Solidaridad Police, the first bust took place “in the In House neighborhood where elements of the Preventive Police arrested 22-year-old Michelle “N”, 35-year-old Axel “N”, 18-year-old Ángel “N” and 37-year-old Geider “N” who were in their possession a firearm, ammo, 74 packages crystal meth, 65 of crack cocaine and four of marijuana.”

In the same neighborhood during the same tour, Solidaridad police reported arresting “46-year-old José “N” and 18-year-old Vocotor “N”, who, at the time of their arrests had in their possession 17 packages of marijuana, 11 of crack cocaine and three of crystal meth.”

The third drug bust happened “in an apartment located on Calle 7 Sur in the Ejido neighborhood, where police seized 340 packages of powdered cocaine, three of crystal meth, one of marijuana and one package that contained several pills.”

Solidaridad police said that arrest was made after a report from the owner of the property.