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High risk infection areas will be outfitted with signs throughout Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — State officials say that as of this week, signs will be placed in and around high-risk infection areas of Cancun. Governor Carlos Joaquín announced that this week, through the Ministry of Public Security, informative signs will be placed in what are considered high risk contagion areas throughout the city of Cancun.

He says this will help prevent the spread and generation of more sick people, noting that this is particularly important now that the epidemic in Quintana Roo is at the highest part of the contagion curve in Phase 3.

“It is essential that we stay home during this time and preventive measures are applied more strictly. We are at the highest part of the contagion curve and we have hope of a gradual exit in the first days of June,” said the governor.

Carlos Joaquín explained that a gradual plan to return to economic activities is already being worked on with measures of social distancing, but that everything depends on people currently continuing to apply preventive measures as they have up until now.

In a public address, the governor explained that the signaling of high-risk areas is similar to a program in Mexico City where the most contagious places of Covid-19 were geo-referenced, that is, where the coronavirus cases are known to be located.

“We have done the work of geo-referencing and today, we have it ready to place signs in areas of greater contagion so that people can be more careful not to go out, to stay at home, to practice proper sanitary measures if they do go out,” he explained.

He says the signs will be placed in 40 points in six zones of the city of Cancun where at least 30 percent of reported cases have been located. He added that in areas of known contagions, 92 percent are bus stops, 67 percent markets, 37 percent banks, 21 percent public spaces and 26 percent of agglomeration sites in the city.

He reported that Zone 1, which is comprised of Tulum, López Portillo, Andrés Quintana Roo and Xcaret Avenues, is considered the area with the highest infection risk and is where 23 of the signs will be placed.