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Governor announces new Yum Kaax Commercial Tianguis for Chetumal

Chetumal, Q.R. — Governor Mara Lezama has announced the creation of the Yum Kaax Commercial Tianguis in Chetumal. Lezama made the announcement Monday morning during the Presidential press conference in Mexico City.

She described the tianguis (market) as a project designed for the purchase and sale of regional and imported products at a low cost. She says the market will take advantage of Chetumal’s status as a free zone, while also returning prominence to the of the Mexican Caribbean.

During the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Lezama said ”At the tianguis all the people of the country will find imported products again, especially from the Mexican southeast (…) Chetumal will shine again, It is time to return the splendor to our capital.”

The Yum Kaax Commercial Market will consist of nearly 14,000 square meters destined for the placement of stores and 50,000 open spaces to become markets for producers, distributors and consumers, outlet stores, construction of hotels, offices or warehouses and much more.

Mara Lezama reported that the Yum Kaax Commercial Market seeks to ”generate synergy with projects in the region to become a trading point for products and services” with the mission of activating and increasing the local economy.

A render of the Yum Kaax Commercial Market. Render: CGC September 18, 2023.

She said thanks to projects of this magnitude, the people of Quintana Roo can benefit not only from access to different imported products such as food or appliances, but also that thousands of Mexican men and women will be able to take advantage of the space to enjoy the natural beauties, the archaeological vestiges as well as the gastronomy of Chetumal.

She reiterated that projects such as the Yum Kaax Commercial Tianguis are only possible thanks to large infrastructure projects such as the Maya Train, which has become a synonym for social justice.

”We understand the Maya Train as the verbal column to recover the south of our state. Thanks to the projects that are part of the Maya Train such as the expansion of the Chetumal airport, such as the tourist terminal and the loading station, a new stage will begin where it will recover the shine that once existed that Chetumal should never have lost,” she said.