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Five injured in highway accident outside Akumal

Akumal, Q.R. — Five people received minor injuries Friday after the vehicle in which they were traveling overturned. The accident happened around 1:30 p.m. along the federal Tulum-Akumal highway.

In response to a call for help, Emergency 911 sent authorities to the scene where medical personnel evaluated those from inside the toppled black sedan. One of the occupants was identified as Tulum mayor, Victor Mas Tas.

Mas Tah and four others including the director of Public Relations, Mari Carmen Jácome, the general director of Environmental, Urban and Climate Change, Gerardo Orozco, the general director of Public Works and Services, Abimael Reyes Medel and his driver, were on their way to an event in Akumal when the accident happened.

All four were deemed stable, however, they were transferred to hospital for injuries sustained. From his hospital bed, he recorded a video message informing the public that he is well after his accident, although he will remain hospitalized for one night for observation.

The driver of the sedan reportedly spun out of control and hit the highway center median, causing the unit to land on its side. The vehicle received substantial damage in the accident.

In his video message, Mas Tah says he received prompt medical attention and is aware of the health condition of his collaborators, while also thanking citizens and the governor for their support.