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First stage of Zaragoza Canal dredging at 60 percent

Chetumal, Q.R. — The first stage in the dredging of the Zaragoza Canal is 60 percent complete and is expected to conclude in October of this year. This will be followed by a second stage, after which, the project would be delivered completed in mid-2022.

William Conrado Alarcón, the Secretary of Public Works of the state government, says that the first stage of the project is about 60 percent done and remains in the hands of the Secretary of the Navy, however, his agency supports the navy with supplies and services.

“Part of the agreement is that the state government provide them with fuel. In September, we released 10 million peso for this purpose and now, we are processing another similar package,” he explained.

“CAPA has already provided them with a treatment plant. They have light and we have built them a warehouse as their workshop,” he added.

The current dissolve stage is at 60 percent completion, and is therefore, expected to conclude in October. Additional work will continue, but for this, more studies are needed, so it is in “stand-by” mode, he said.

Conrado Alarcón clarified that the second stage will involve bringing in a dredge to break rock and leave the level envisaged for the canal project in addition to improving spaces, such as the dock in Chetumal.

Once dredged, the Zaragoza Canal will improve maritime communication between Chetumal and the rest of the Caribbean, which could boost the economy and attract more tourism. In December, the Administración Portuaria Integral de Quintana Roo said that with the modification of the canal, cruise tours from Isla Mujeres to Chetumal could be possible.