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Electrical substation, track completion and first cars to Cancun part of latest Maya Train report

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The first Maya Train cars are scheduled for delivery in Cancun July 8. The Director of Alstom Mexico, the company building a section of the rail, made the announcement Tuesday during the Presidential press conference.

Maite Ramos Gómez of Alstom Mexico confirmed the transfer of the first standard train July 8 that will consist of four cars. Two with cabin and motor and two with trailers with capacity for 230 passengers.

The shipment to Cancun is being prepared in coordination with Fonatur, the National Guard and other agencies including the state government and will involve loading in Hidalgo, the packaging and transport of the cars and finally, their unloading in Cancun.

The news was included in a update on Section 3 which runs from Calkiní, Campeche to Izamal, Yucatán where Fontur head Javier May said they are building an electrical substation.

The substation, he reported, will supply the operation of the Maya Train and provide energy to the Peninsula, “so that the population no longer suffers blackouts.”

May said the substation is 96 percent complete. He highlighted, as a very important aspect, the start of the electrified double track in Merida that extends to Chetumal along 700 kilometers which “means the use of clean energy which contributes to a better environment.

“Specifically, section 3 has 60 kilometers of electrified double track,” he said explaining that this section is 159 kilometers of track that crosses 15 municipalities of Campeche and Yucatán.

He reported that there will be stations in Merida-Teya and Izamal as well as stops in Calkiní, Umán, Maxcanú and Tixkokob and added that 129 kilometers of track have been completed, 64 percent progress in the three viaducts and 68 of 69 drainage projects have already been completed as well as 80 of 118 pedestrian, vehicular and wildlife crossings.

He indicated that a garage and a maintenance base are being built in Teya and connectivity is being strengthened with the Campeche and Merida airports.

May reported that 81 percent or 129 kilometers of the 159 kilometers of the track along section 3 is already finished.

As for Cancun, the first cars will be sent from Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, to the Maya Train workshop in Cancun. The unloading will be carried out with a special crane due to the weight.

Subsequently, it will be assembled and the connection process with the cars with the tracks started. Once that process is complete, logistic tests will begin.

“As on the entire route, work continues in three shifts to meet the commitment to inaugurate the Maya Train in December 2023,” he said.