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Dump truck driver gets fright after front tire falls off unit

Chetumal, Q.R. — The driver of a dump truck suffered a fright after losing a front tire on a Chetumal highway. The large industrial unit ended up on the side of the road with damage after a tire came off its axis.

The driver reported losing the front passenger tire while traveling at highway speed, causing him to skid off the road. His truck came to a stop in the thick mud of the highway shoulder. His tire was located a few meters behind his unit.

National Guard Highways were sent to the scene to tend to the accident. Paramedics were not requested since the driver did not suffer serious injuries, however, his truck was damaged.

A heavy duty tow truck was requested to extract the unit from the highway shoulder mud and tow it to a garage. Since the driver of the dump truck was able to pull over, traffic was not affected.