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Cozumel trustee says real estate lawsuit filed against municipality invalid

Cozumel, Q.R. — Bruno Díaz Solís, Cozumel Municipal Trustee, says the lawsuit filed by the Presidente hotel chain against the Municipality of Cozumel is invalid. He explained that the company filed a claim for breach of agreement regarding La Caleta from 17 years ago.

He said that that agreement was from when the Municipal Integral Port Administration (APIM) existed, but which was dissolved in 2015, passing the rights of the port concessions to its state counterpart, Apiqroo.

“In the course of these years there was a decree where La Caleta ceased to be APIM and became Apirqroo, so the Municipality of Cozumel no longer has any interference. That issue is foreign to us,” he said.

A lawsuit has been filed against the Municipality of Cozumel by Inversiones Turísticas SA de CV, the company that represents the Hotel Presidente, for $60 million USD for non-compliance for the delivery of a marina area that was supposed to be part of their hotel project.