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Cozumel records first sea turtle nest of the season

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Municipal Director of Ecology, Fernando Pola Rodríguez reported the first sea turtle nest along a Cozumel beach.

Pola Rodríguez said the first nest registered this year is that of the loggerhead species on Playa Chomul on the eastern side of the island. He says the early nesting is likely due to the lack of human presence due to coronavirus restrictions.

The director Municipal de Ecología is predicting an abundant nesting season due to the lack of humans on beaches. “Probably the null presence of bathers, caused by COVID-19, allows turtles more ease to reach the beaches,” he said.

He said that last year, 4,320 nests were recorded, a figure that could increase this season due to the lack of human presence. He noted that now that they know turtles are arriving, they will begin corresponding surveillance rounds with the support of the Traffic Department, to ensure people do not disturb sea turtles arriving to lay eggs.

Normally, sea turtle egg laying season begins May 15. Cancun has also already recorded its first sea turtle nest a few weeks. Her early arrival was also attributed to the lack of humans on Cancun beaches.