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Combi driver charged after assaulting Cancun transit officers

Cancun, Q.R. — A public transport driver videoed in a physical altercation with a Cancun transit officer has been arrested and charged. Cancun combi driver Santiago “N” has been charged for damages and injuries caused to two Cancun transit officers.

In a public statement, the FGE reported on “the arrest of Santiago “N”  in flagrante delicto”. He has been charged for “damage and injuries to the detriment of two elements of the Municipal Traffic Police.”

Initial reports said the transit officer had suspected the driver of being intoxicated which lead to the physical altercation, however, the FGE says the officer stopped the combi driver after he went through a red traffic light.

“Santiago “N” was stopped after passing through a red traffic light at the intersection of Tulum and Contoy Avenues. Elements of Municipal Transit asked him to pull over his public transport unit, however, this action apparently annoyed the Urvan driver who got out of the vehicle and beat the police officers, for which he was arrested,” they reported.

The FGE is requesting Santiago “N” lose his driver’s license and state permit to drive a public transport vehicle.

The FGE says they are requesting from authorities of the Municipal Traffic Directorate and the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo) the cancellation of Santiago “N” driver’s license as well as the suspension and withdrawal of his public transportation service concession.