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City of Cancun reports on travel time lines and progress for boulevard and airport junction

Cancun, Q.R. — The government of the City of Cancun says the remodeling of Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard is moving forward as planned. They have also provided new peak hour travel times from various areas due to the ongoing project.

The Municipal Government of Benito Juárez, in coordination with the Government of Mexico and the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), have reported on some of the average travel times during peak hours.

Traveling from Moon Palace into Cancun International along the Blvd. Colosio route takes approximately 48 minutes during peak hours. Normally, before the construction, drivers could make the 10.4 kilometer drive in around 15 minutes.

Now, however, drivers who travel through the Hotel Zone to the airport will need to set aside an average of 63 minutes, and for those going through Huayacán Avenue, it takes around 38 minutes, which the city points out, is the fastest option.

Similarly, for visitors arriving in Cancun, the journey through Kukulcán Boulevard in the Hotel Zone is 62 minutes, while on Blvd. Colosio it is an average of 34 minutes and the same if using Huayacán Avenue.

The City of Cancun clarifies that these times were averaged during the most busy vehicle travel peaks along those arteries. The city reminds drivers that the best and shortest option time-wise is Huayacán Avenue.

The City Council of Benito Juárez also says the remodeling of Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard and the construction at the junction of the Cancun International Airport are moving forward as planned.

The City of Cancun reports that both projects are managed by the municipal government and are progressing steadily. According to information from the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT), work continues on the first 1.3 kilometer section of road at Plaza Luxury and Universidad La Salle on Blvd. Colosio.

This particular section is being worked on mostly at night since the material cannot be laid during the day due to the extensive heat. With that, crews instead remove of the current asphalt layer during the morning and afternoon.

For the new cloverleaf system at the Cancun Airport junction, the placement of beams where the slabs of the airport bridge will sit are currently under construction.