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Chetumal man killed after slamming into concrete fence at 150/kmph

Chetumal, Q.R. — A man died over the weekend when his truck hit a concrete fence at one of the entrances to the city of Chetumal, authorities reported.

The victim was identified in an information card as Óscar B.H., and according to their first investigation, he was heading to Chetumal at excessive speed when he lost control of the steering wheel, hit the central ridge and then continued through the roundabout of the Mestizaje section of the Chetumal-Huay Pix section.

The report indicated that he was in a Dodge Ram pickup and unable to stop when he slammed into the fence, possibly traveling at more than 150 kilometers per hour. He died instantly after hitting the concrete structure.

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene to provide first aid and transfer the driver to hospital, but he was already without vital signs.

Agents from the Ministerial Police, Expert Services and Forensic Medical Service arrived to process the scene and remove the body.