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Chetumal man behind bars on five counts of extortion by sexting

Chetumal, Q.R. — A man in Chetumal is back behind bars for a second time on charges of digital violence. The man, Juan M, has racked up five extortion charges by sexting.

Last month, Juan M was released after a victim was unable to provide enough evidence against him during an arraignment. However, two weeks later, Juan M is back behind bars where he will remain in preventative detention during his trial.

The second arrest came after four other women came forward, accusing Juan M of extortion by sexting. Ariadne Song Anguas, lawyer for the women, said that the victims had been threatened by the defendant, using their intimate photos sent by text messages as leverage.

Anguas explained that “it is a way of life for this subject who wooes his victims, entering into a dating relationship and asking for intimate photos while texting, so performing sexting.

“He then promises to delete the photos, but instead, he ends the relationship and soon after, demands money not to upload them to network or send them to contacts.”

The lawyer also pointed out that Juan M uses a false home address to avoid being located, another factor the judge used to justify preventative detention, Anguas said.

Juan M was held after a Whatsapp conversation was presented in court showing the man threatening to kidnap a victim’s son and set her house on fire. Anguas said that other women, other victims of Juan M, are expected to come forward.