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Change to municipal PDU could see larger buildings for Chetumal, Mahahual

Chetumal, Q.R. — A new proposal is being made for the modification of the municipality’s PDU, which would allow higher density buildings. The Othón P. Blanco City Council is preparing a series of modifications to the Chetumal Urban Development Program (PDU) to allow the construction of buildings with higher densities.

Francisco Ortega Lizárraga, Othón P. Blanco Councilor, explained that the updated document is already available and that it will be at the end of this month when it will be presented for analysis and approval.

“We are going to have a city similar to Miami with slightly taller buildings to accommodate larger units and thus, make better use of the space,” he explained. He said that superficial extension has always been a problem for Chetumal since it is surrounded by water.

If approved, he said that densities in polygons with possibilities of tourist use will increase, as well as the vertical growth of housing.

Councilor Ortega Lizárraga hinted that the PDU will also be updated for Mahahual and Xcalak as well as other tourist destinations in the region such as Huaypix, which would also allow them higher construction densities.

“In this way we seek to attract greater investment with buildings similar to those present in Miami which has a tourism ecosystem similar to that of southern Quintana Roo. It is a long-term project, but one that we need to start now,” he added.