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Cell phone service slowly expanding in southern highway dead zone

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Cell phone coverage is slowly expanding in central areas of the state due to the Tulum airport. With airport construction came the installation of fiber optics which resulted in expanded cell phone service.

The service was expanded in part of a highway area referred to as the dead zone.

In July of last year, signal testing began with the installation of fiber optics. After the airport became operational in December of 2023, phone coverage has slowly been expanded and now covers the town of Muyil.

While coverage has been increased, part of the dead zone remains dead. Cell coverage currently stops at the airport. From the Tulum airport to the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, there is still no coverage.

According to Felipe Carrillo Puerto Mayor Mary Hernández, mobile connection is important and is part of the state’s projects to strengthen telecommunication.