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Cancun venue shut as part of city’s new violent public events policy

Cancun, Q.R. — City and state officials have confirmed the closure of a venue to avoid a concert. Over the weekend, Plaza de Toros was scheduled to host a concert, however, the building was shut and the concert canceled.

Jorge Aguilar Osorio, the General Secretary of Cancun City Council, has since stated that the concert Alemán y Millonario was canceled due to a new policy. The city of Cancun no longer allows concerts that encourage violence.

He said City Council made the decision to no longer authorize public shows that promote violence.

“Everyone can listen to the music they want. The artists can sing the music they want, but authorities cannot have that ambiguity between looking for a better social education, a society with peace and security, and on the other hand, raising alerts every time we have this type of concert,” he explained.

He pointed out that due to the probabilities of violence that this type of public concert could have generated, the city made the decision to not authorize the performance.

The day before the concert, city inspectors closed Plaza de Toros for lack of municipal permits. Two other concerts have since been refused permits by the city for that same venue.

State Secretary Cristina Torres says these types of shows should be banned across the entire state and not only in Cancun.

Torres says she supports the decision of the Cancun City Council to prohibit concerts that incite violence or advocate organized crime, and stated that all municipal regulations should be reviewed to prohibit certain shows.

“Personally, I think that the regulations of all municipalities regarding the nature of the shows should be reviewed,” she said adding that the municipality has the right to deny permits for shows that promote crime, violence, racism, xenophobia, sexism or any other form of discrimination, or violates dignity, human rights, morality and good customs, the rights of children and adolescents, or regulations on the protection of animals.