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Cancun tourists say they “feel safe” seeing armed soldiers while enjoying photo ops

Cancun, Q.R. — Heavily armed uniformed federal officials continue to attract as many photo ops as Cancun’s sandy beaches. With the arrival of nearly three million for the Spring Break-Easter holidays, security has been increased along the beaches.

Heavily armed uniformed men and woman can been seen patrolling Cancun and Riviera Maya beaches on any given day. Although they are placed for security purposes, tourists say they find them reassuring.

Paúl Martinez, one of the tourists who took a souvenir snapshot with Mexico’s federal soldiers, said he feels safe seeing them.

“I took a photo there to show off on social media that I feel safe in Cancun,” he said.

The tactical teams have become the new attraction of Mexican beaches. Along with the turquoise water, tourists are enjoying photo ops with Mexico’s military personnel. The federal soldiers, despite the camouflage, are not going unnoticed as tourists often stop them for a souvenir photo.

“Hey super incredible,” Martinez said. “Their uniforms. I feel hot with this shirt, imagine them,” he said before getting his photo taken with two federal officials.

Carlos Chávez, a tourist from Argentina, also said they have also caught his attention.

“I was touring the beaches and I was surprised to see them, with that uniform on the beach, right? with the sun, the heat. I am like this and I am hot,” he said referring to his t-shirt before also posing for a photo.

The roaming tactical teams, with the camouflaged uniforms, ballistic vests and weapons, offer a sense of peace, as Martin, a tourist from Poland, pointed out.

“Right now I feel safe because where I come from there is a war, so if I see the authorities keeping the peace, then I feel safer,” he said.

Last month, tourists were also spotted along Cancun, Riviera Maya beaches enjoying photo ops with the armed guards.