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Cancun marines as popular with international tourists as the beach itself

Cancun, Q.R. — While not everyone enjoys the site of patrolling marines, some just can’t get enough. Due to the excess of people for the Spring Break holidays, security has been stepped up along Cancun beaches.

This entails additional armed marine officers foot patrolling the sandy areas, a situation some tourists find to be an irresistible photo op. During the long weekend, while Cancun beaches were filled with swimmers, they were also home to dozens of armed marine officers.

With their striking uniforms and strong weapon imagery, the Marines of Mexico were as much of a tourist attraction as the sandy beaches. Both national and international visitors lined Cancun beaches, however, some international tourists took a moment for a photo op.

While some of the photo ops were selfies, others were fully posed for the one-time photo shoot of themselves with an armed Mexican Marine on a Cancun beach.

The marines are part of the additional security added to the Cancun Hotel Zone during the Easter break. According to tourism officials, the region is anticipating around 3 million visitors during the monthlong holiday season.