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Cancun taxi driver detained for attacks against Uber drivers

Cancun, Q.R. — The SSP of Benito Juárez has detained a Cancun taxi driver who has been connected to previous attacks against Uber drivers. According to the SSP, the taxi driver was arrested “for driving at excessive speed, putting the safety of citizens at risk.”

The Secretary of Public Security (SSP) says he was apprehended Friday morning. He has since been connected to two Uber driver attacks using a knife, they reported. The agency explained that the taxi driver was located “after monitoring the city surveillance cameras, it was possible to secure this person who, according to his background, had already been reported twice for disturbing public order, carrying a knife and assault.”

Cancun police began a search for the taxi driver after a video started circulating of him in a recent attack against a Cancun Uber driver. Through the video, the taxi unit and driver were identified.

Earlier this week, a Cancun taxi driver was videoed flattening all four tires of an alleged Uber car before threatening the driver with a baseball bat outside a hotel where he had just picked up tourists.

The arrested Cancun taxi driver, who has not been publicly identified and, according to the video did not act alone, is alleged one of those responsible for that attack.