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Cancun suspect picked up for domestic violence and death threats

Cancun, Q.R. — A man identified as David “T” was arrested by Cancun police after responding to a report of a woman being attacked inside her home. Members of GEAVIG, Specialized Groups for Attention to Family and Gender Violence, made the arrest after hearing the woman scream for help as they arrived.

Neighbors in SM 250 made the 911 report of attempted femicide. When GEAVIG officers arrived at the address, they initially heard the woman screaming then saw the man through a window trying to hold his hand over the woman’s mouth.

According to Cancun Police, “Officers asked those who were inside to come out to handle the situation, however, it was through the window that they observed a man trying to cover the woman’s mouth with his hand, who, seeing the officers, released her and tried to leave in a hurry.”

The woman was treated and placed under police protection while officers took the man into custody. During a physical search, Cancun police reported locating a loaded Pietro Beretta firearm.

The woman reported to police that “after a heated discussion and physically assaulting her, the man pulled out his weapon and pointed it at her neck, telling her several times that she was going to die until police arrived at the scene.”