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Cancun road expansion project of Avenue Politécnico given green flag

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun is about to have another expanded roadway. On Thursday, Cancun Mayor Ana Paty Peralta, said construction to expand a road by citizen request has begun.

Peralta gave the green flag for the formal start of the construction of Avenue Politécnico that will see the road doubled in size. Peralta says the finished road will improve urban infrastructure, expedite traffic and guarantee greater road safety for pedestrians.

“Today this project is a reality. It is not a promise, it is the fulfillment of a work plan that we set ourselves with attending to the priority areas of our city such as this section that goes from Avenue México to Avenue Tepich.

The road expansion project is set for completion for November 20. Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez August 10, 2023.

“It is a very busy area since it provides access to the IMSS General Hospital, but it is also a section that serves as a shortcut to other areas of the city which is why its expansion and rehabilitation is so necessary,” she said.

The expansion of the road is expected to be complete by the third week of November and cost around 28 million pesos.