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Cancun police serve arrest warrants on three wanted for murder

Cancun, Q.R. — Three people wanted for a murder in Cancun were captured by police in two separate arrests. The FGE reported that Nayeli “N” and José Isaac “N” were the first to be captured. They were taken into police custody from a street in SM 221 of Cancun Saturday on outstanding arrest warrants.

According to the FGE,  “both people were wanted and had an arrest warrant for their probable participation in the homicide of a male.”

The third person wanted for that same murder was apprehended in SM 252. According to the FGE, Eduardo Alexis “N” was captured on Monte Malhucen Street “in flagrante delicto for narcotics and robbery.”

All three detainees are accused of being involved in the June 4, 2023 murder of an unidentified man in Cancun. “According to the investigation, the victim arrived at an address that was a point of sale for narcotics to claim that the drug they sold him was of poor quality.

“He was tied hand and foot and beaten until he lost consciousness. Hours later, they transferred him in the trunk of a vehicle to a dirt road where they left the lifeless body,” the FGE reported in a public statement.

After a police investigation, all three were located and taken into custody on arrest warrants.