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Cancun police accidently stumble upon cloned National Guard truck

Cancun, Q.R. — A pickup painted as a National Guard truck is in the hands of state authorities. The cloned truck was located in the Cancun suburb of Alfredo V. Bonfil early Friday.

Municipal Police patrolling Alfredo V. Bonfil made the accidental discovery. Police were responding to the report of a male known to be a drug dealer. He was seen traveling on foot. When they caught up to him and tried to inspect him, he ran to a property where he managed a successful escape.

However, police did not walk away empty handed. It was on that property during a search for their escapee where police saw the fake National Guard vehicle. The pickup was reportedly covered with vegetation and an exterior paint job to mimic that of an official federal National Guard vehicle.

A tow truck was called in to transfer the pickup to the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Transit in Cancun where it remains.